ALA Midwinter 2015 ALA Council I – Sunday, Feb. 1

Courtney Young, ALA President, introduced guests, presented the rules for Council meetings and the agenda for the session.

Sari Feldman, Chair of the 2014-2015 Committee on Committees (and ALA President-Elect), presented the 2015 nominations for election to the ALA Executive Board.  Three councilors are to be elected for three-year terms from the following candidates:  Gladys Smiley Bell, Hampton University; John C. DeSantis, Dartmouth College; Julius C. Jefferson, Jr., Library of Congress; Loida Garcia-Febo, Information New Wave; Aaron W. Dobbs, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania; and Mike L. Marlin, California State Library.  Bernard Margolis, State Library of New York, and  John C. Sandstrom, New Mexico State University, were nominated from the floor.

Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director, reviewed Executive Board actions since the 2013 Annual Meeting.  Many were related to budgetary matters.  Major actions dealt with promotional membership opportunities, an end-of-year incentive for ALA staff who had not received a salary increase at the beginning of the year.  Additionally the Board acted upon BARC’s recommendation to continue the practice of no programs at Midwinter and approved programmatic priorities.  Keith also reported on the implementation of ALA Council actions taken at the 2014 Annual Conference.  He highlighted the resolution regarding the DC Library and stated ALA has been working closely with DCLA.

Council next engaged in discussion on ALA Strategic Directions regarding advocacy, information policy, and professional and leadership development.  Council members discussed these issues in small groups and reported back to the entire group.  The groups discussed what success would look like in those areas.


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