ALA 2015 Midwinter Conference – ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session – Saturday, January 31

ALA President’s Report – Courtney Young

Courtney updated the audience on the status of the Career Development  Facilitators (CDF) program.  Twenty-two state chapters have been selected to participate in the inaugural program.  This specific training will place special emphasis on the role of the librarian in helping patrons and job seekers.    

ALA President-Elect’s Report – Sari Feldman

Sari presented brief updates on her activities.  She and her advisory committee members are refining her proposed presidential platform and key areas of focus for the 2015-16 presidential term.

Executive Director’s Report – Keith Michael Fiels reviewed the association’s strategic planning initiative and explained the process of discussions being held by ALA’s committees and boards.  He also reported on a new campaign that is being launched during Midwinter about the importance of school librarians and libraries.  He encouraged visiting the School Libraries Make a Difference web resource on for specific ideas.  Midwinter is also featuring facilitated dialogue at “A Conversation on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” in order to engage in these issues that are vitally important to ALA, its members, and the future of the library profession.

Treasurer’s Report – Mario Gonzalez

Mario reviewed the FY2014 audited financial results.  He reported that total revenue in 2014 increased over 2013 by 2%.  Dues revenue decreased by only 0.8%; he described this as good news.  Total expenses decreased by 5.1%.  Total net assets increased by nearly $8 million over 2013.

Budget Analysis and Review Committee Report – Patricia Wand, Chair

Pat reported on FY2015 first quarter results.    She explained that BARC tracks five major accounts: general fund, divisions, roundtables, grants and awards, and long-term investments.  Three month highlights included: total ALA revenue is less than budget by $618,959; total ALA expenses are less than budget by $1.1 million; cash and investments were more than last year by $1.4 million; and the endowment fund was more than last year by $3.8 million.  She also reported that BARC concluded it was unable to support the original Resolution to Allow Programs at Midwinter Meetings and recommended to the Executive Board that the Midwinter Meeting maintain its current footprint.  She also encouraged attendees to visit the ALA website for additional financial information and for online learning opportunities related to finances and budgeting.

Endowment Trustees Report – Rod Hersberger, Senior Trustee

Rod reported that the value of the endowment for the calendar year ending Dec. 31, 2014 was $40,735,091, which is an improvement over the 2013 year-end value of $37,288,932.  He also identified market factors that could/will impact 2015:  the Federal Reserve’s maintenance of historically low interest rates; falling oil prices; lower bond prices; and international markets that have suffered.

Nominating Committee Report – Teri Switzer, Chair

Teri reported that the committee began making initial contacts with potential President and Council candidates after the 2014 Midwinter Meeting.  The committee developed a master spreadsheet, sought recommendations from ALA members, and worked with ALA staff to distribute the call for nominations.  The committee also used a document developed in 2012 that outlines the traits and attributes of ALA President-Elect candidates.  After an unfruitful President-Elect nominee lists, the committee extended the application deadline twice.  Ultimately, the committee presented a slate of two nominees for President-Elect and sixty-seven candidates for Councilor-at-Large.  She also introduced the candidates for ALA President-elect: James LaRue, CEO, Larue & Associates, and Julie B. Todaro, Dean, Library Services, Austin Community College.  There will also be two petition candidates:  J.P. Porcaro, Librarian for Acquisitions and Technological Discovery, New Jersey City University ; and Joseph Janes, Chair, University of Washington Information School.

Video of the Presidential Candidates’ Forum will be available on, ALFocus, and YouTube.



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