ALA Council I – Sunday, June 29, 2014

Before moving to the business at hand, Council watched a video greeting from Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC.  He briefly discussed efforts to modernize the E-rate program and his feeling that the FCC must do more to help libraries in the digital age.  He has circulated a draft order among his fellow FCC Commissioners.  This includes proposals to expand access to Wi-Fi funding, including a specific approach for allocating Wi-Fi support for libraries and for simplifying the application process.  Wheeler’s video greeting will be added to the ALA YouTube channel.

Courtney Young, Chair of the 2013-2014 Committee on Committees (and ALA President-Elect), presented the nominations for the 2014-2015 Council Committee on Committees election.  Four councilors are to be elected for one-year terms from the following candidates: Jennifer C. Boettcher, Ann Crewdson, Karen E. Downing, Nathan E. Flowers, Kimberly Anne Patton, Jim Kuhn, Susan F. Gregory, and Carey D. Hartman.

Courtney also presented the nominations for the 2014-2015 Planning and Budget Assembly Election.  Three Chapter Councilors and three Councilors-at-Large are to be elected from the following candidates: Chapter – Steve Dimoulas, Stephanie Braunstein, Michael L. Scott, and Regina Greer Cooper; At-Large – Loida A. Garcia-Febo, Sue Kamm, Edward L. Sanchez, Matthew P. Ciszek, Ismail Abdullahi, and Alys Jordan.

John Sandstrom, Chair of the Presidential Task Force on Electronic Communication for the ALA Council, reported on the work of the task force.  The immediate cause for the creation of the task force was the increasing level of confusion regarding the posting and distribution of Council documents. He presented the following action items to Council:

Item 1: Resolution approving guidelines for the Council Electronic List

Resolved that the Council of the American Library Association approve the following guidelines for the Council List

  1. The Council Secretary, or his/her designate, will manage the membership of the Council Electronic List.
  2. Full privileges (read and write) to the Council Electronic List are limited to current members of ALA Council, ALA and Council Committee Chairs, and to authorized ALA staff.  Read-only access by any other ALA Members who have access to the network is available through application to the Council Secretary or his/her designate.
  3. Councilors may only post from their subscribed email address(es).  Each Councilor is responsible for keeping his/her email address up-to-date with the Council Secretary or his/her designate.
  4. The Council Electronic List shall remain un-moderated.
  5. Councilors may communicate informally with each other on the Council list. The list may be used for official communications at times.  The Council list may be used for discussing issues and resolutions pertaining to the business of Council
  6. The Council Secretary, or his/her designate shall be responsible for the following activities related to the Council Electronic List:
    1. Updating e-mail addresses of current participants.
    2. Validating e-mail addresses of new subscribers.
    3. Responding to questions and referring inquiries as appropriate.
    4. Other duties as necessary based on growth and experience of the list.

Item 1 was approved.

Item 2: Resolution approving guidelines for the posting of Council Documents

Resolved that the Council of the American Library Association approves the following guidelines for Council Documents

  1. Council Documents will be posted to the Council area on ALA Connect as public documents.Document Naming Conventions:
    1.  The ALA Connect link will then be distributed to the Council List.
    2. Since Council documents are public documents, anyone who receives the link will be able to access the documents regardless of subscription status on ALA Connect.
  2. Document Naming Conventions
    1. Files will be located in the files section of the Council area on Connect.
    2. Council documents are named with the Council Document Number –The following information will appear in the upper right hand corner of on each Council document respectively, for example: 2013-2014 ALA CD#10-10.1–6/9/14-4:00pm (action)
    3. When a file is being moved to the ALA council page, the term “final” will be appended.
    4. Resolutions will use the same file naming convention.
    5. Each time a document changes, it will be re-posted to ALA Connect.

3.   The Council Secretary, or his/her designate, is responsible for the following activities related to Council Documents:

    1. Posting reports, resolutions and other documents to the Council section of ALA Connect as public documents.
    2. Maintaining an authoritative set of documents for use by Council in case either internet access or ALA Connect becomes unavailable during a Council meeting.
    3. Updating the status of documents to “final” or “approved” or “adopted “as appropriate.
    4. Posting these document files to the ALA Council Website.

Item 2 was approved.

Item 3 Resolution for the future review of these guidelines

Resolved that the Council of the American Library Association charges The Executive Director, as the Secretary of the Council, or his/her designate, to review these guidelines at a minimum of every three years or as needed and report to Council on their continued effectiveness.

Item 3 was approved.

Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director, reviewed Executive Board actions since the 2014 Midwinter Meeting.    Keith drew special attention to EB approval of an extra seat on the Endowment Fund Board; approval of the Lemony Snicket Award; and approval of an additional two years for the work of the Digital Content Working Group.  He also reported on the implementation of the 2014 ALA Midwinter meeting Council actions.  He highlighted the work of the Committee on Electronic Communication.  He also reviewed action on resolutions that Council passed at Midwinter.

Co-Chair Sari Feldman reported on the activities of the Digital Content & Libraries Working Group since the 2014 Midwinter meeting.  She highlighted the following points: Simon & Schuster announced greater availability of titles and the State of Connecticut announced a new statewide e-book platform.  She also reported that Erika Linke and Carolyn Anthony have been appointed as incoming DCWG co-chairs, replacing Sari Feldman and Robert Wolven who are stepping down after three years of service.


Council considered the following resolution:

Resolution in Support of Stable Funding for Air Force Libraries
Resolved, that the American Library Association (ALA), on behalf of its members:  1. urges the United States Congress to direct the Department of Defense (DoD) and United States Air Force (USAF) to restore funding to Air Force Base and Command Libraries to FY2011 levels for staffing, materials, services and programs.  2. urges the Administration, DoD and USAF to develop responsible information and budget management strategies for Air Force Base and Command Libraries that aligns them with directly with appropriated funds, rather than through base operations, where library funding is vulnerable to additional local cuts.

 The resolution passed.

Keith Michael Fiels announced that total registration currently stands at 18,185.

Detailed documents are available on ALA Connect. 


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