ALA 2014 Midwinter Conference – ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session – Saturday, January 25

ALA President’s Report – Barbara Stripling

Barbara updated the audience on the Declaration for the Right to Libraries.  Signatures have been gathered at 26 state conferences and book festivals, at libraries across the country, and at national and international events.  The signed Declarations will be presented at a ceremony during Legislative Day in May.  She also highlighted the Summit on the Future of Libraries, a national invitational summit will be held in May 2014 in Washington, D.C.  She reported that ALA is developing a multi-faceted school library advocacy campaign to address the national crisis in school libraries.  

ALA President-Elect’s Report – Courtney Young

Courtney presented brief updates on her activities.  Her presidential focus will be on supporting initiatives and projects that are already underway.

Budget Analysis and Review Committee Report – Patricia Wand, Chair

Pat reported on FY2014 adjustments and on FY2014 first quarter results.    Three month highlights included: total ALA revenue is less than budget by $1.7 million; total ALA expenses is less than budget by $1.7 million; cash and investments were more than last year by $1.3 million; and the endowment fund was more than last year by $4.6 million.  She also encouraged attendees to visit the ALA website for additional financial information and for online learning opportunities related to finances and budgeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Mario Gonzalez

Mario reviewed the 2013 audited financial results.  He reported that revenue in 2013 increased over 2012 in publishing,  grants/awards and miscellaneous for a 1.2% increase in ALA total revenues.  Total assets stand at nearly $75.4 million and total liabilities stand at almost $44.7 million.  

Endowment Trustees Report – Rod Hersberger, Senior Trustee

Rod reported that the value of the endowment for the calendar year ending Dec. 31, 2013 was $37,288,932, which is an improvement of $14,000,000 or 61% from the recessionary low of $23,421,000 in 2008.  He also reported that 2013 was a banner year for equities in the U.S. and Western Europe.  He also identified market factors that could/will impact 2014:  the start and degree of Federal Reserve tapering; liquidity provision by other world central banks; the pace of economic recovery in the U.S.; the threat of declining inflation rates worldwide; election results in emerging markets; the impact of implementing China’s economic overhaul; and the question of a recovery in commodities.

Nominating Committee Report – Andrew Pace, Committee Member

Andrew reported that the committee, for the first time in some years, considered sitting councilors (those with terms ending in 2014) for a spot on the official slate.  He also reviewed the disappointment that the committee members felt in the low numbers of responses received from divisions and roundtables.  He also introduced the candidates for ALA President-elect: Maggie Farrell and Sari Feldman.

Executive Director’s Report – Keith Michael Fiels reviewed registration and attendance figures for the conference.


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