ALA Council III – Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maureen Sullivan, ALA President, presented Memorials and Tributes.  She read the following names for memorials: Brooke E. Sheldon, Lillian Miles Lewis, Jack C. Gerts, II, Herb Davis, Carolyn Forsman, Russell Shank, Connie Van Fleet, Jacqueline Mancall, Eva Efron, Ed Johnson, Margaret “Peg” Hallisey, Robert O. Ellett, Jr., and Fredrick McKissack.  Tributes and testimonials were acknowledged for the 40th Anniversary of the Chinese American Librarians Association, for Abba Alhadi, who preserved, protected and saved 28,000 of the 30,000 manuscripts that date back to the 13th century from burning in Timbuktu, Mali; and the 15th Anniversary of the Spectrum Scholarship Program.

Jim Neal, ALA Treasurer, presented the report he presented at the earlier Council/Membership Information Session.  He shared a snapshot of the  ALA budget as of the end of May and highlighted the projected deficit of $1.9 million.  He reported on budget adjustments including a delay to the budgeted 1% adjustment to base salary for staff and a continuation  of not filling vacant positions (33 since 2008).  Jim reported that the ALA must focus the budget on developing and deploying “the financial resources that support the strategic plan and delivery of programs that are responsive to member needs and support the improvement of library service.”  He requested approval of the ALA FY2014 Budgetary Ceiling of $63,944,617. Council approved the FY2014 Budgetary Ceiling.

Jim continued his report by listing sixteen points important for the future of the association.  He believes that ALA must:

1. implement budget reductions more strategically and less opportunistically

2. align resources with its vision, mission and strategic plan

3. refresh thinking about the relationships between ALA and its divisions

4. stop relying on revenue generated by its traditional business 

5. improve organizational productivity

6. move to more program and project based budgeting processes

7. understand that a robust investment strategy is essential

8. move to more e-participation

9. generate and launch new initiatives in manageable fashion

10. focus on membership retention and recruitment

11. develop business plans grounded in research, analysis, and assessment

12. identify trends

13. maintain a commitment to rigorous financial controls

14. advance a program of ALA staff compensation increases

15. always present the fiscal truth to members

16. focus on member value and member engagement

 Marianne Fues, Chair of the Tellers Committee, announced the winners of the election of the Council Committee on Committees: Roberta Carlos Delgadillo, John C. DeSantis, and Julius C. Jefferson, Jr.  She also announced the winners of the election of Council Representatives to the Planning and Budget Assembly: at large – Nicolas H. Buron, Sue Polanka, and Karen G. Schneider; chapter – Hadi S. Dudley, Pam Hickson-Stevenson, and Elena Rosenfeld.

Vivan Wynn, Chair of the Committee on Legislation, presented the Committee’s report. She presented the first part of the report in partnership with Pat Scales, Chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee.  Pat moved that the Whistleblowers resolutions that were referred to COL and IFC be replaced by CD#19.2 and CD#20.4.

Resolution on the Need for Reforms for the Intelligence Community to Support Privacy, Open Government, Government Transparency, and Accountability.
Resolved, that the American Library Association (ALA):
1. Reaffirms its unwavering support for the fundamental principles that are the foundation of our free and democratic society, including a system of public accountability, government transparency, and oversight that supports peoples right to know about and participate in our government;
2. In light of present revelations related to NSA’s surveillance activities conducted pursuant to orders issued by the Foreign Intelligent Surveillance Court (FISC) under Sections 215 and 702 of the USA PATRIOT Act the American Library Association calls upon the U.S. Congress, President Obama, and the Courts to reform our nation’s climate of secrecy, overclassification, and secret law regarding national security and surveillance, to align with these democratic principles;
3. Urges the U.S. Congress and President Obama to provide authentic protections that prevent government intimidation and criminal prosecution of government employees and private contractors who make lawful disclosures of wrong doing in the intelligence community;
4. Calls upon the public to engage in and our members to lead public dialogues discussing the right to privacy, open government and balancing civil liberties and national security;
5. Encourages the public to support bills and other proposals that both secure and protect our rights to privacy, free expression and free association and promote a more open, transparent government and be further resolved, that
6. Expresses its thanks and appreciation to the members of Congress who work to protect our privacy and civil liberties

A motion to amend the resolution by striking the word “lawful” from #3 passed.  Council passed the resolution as amended.

Resolution Urging Congress to Designate the Government Printing Office as the Lead Agency to Manage the Lifecycle of Digital United States Government Information
Resolved that the American Library Association (ALA):
 1. urges Congress to designate the Government Printing Office the lead agency to develop a United States federal government-wide strategy for managing the lifecycle of digital government publications, documents, information, and web sites;
 2. urges Congress to authorize the Government Printing Office to develop and administer standards and procedures for the United States federal government which include rules for dismantling sites and archiving web content, including the preservation of all pertinent data protocols, documentation, and software programs for evaluating and manipulating the content for permanent public access;
3. urges Congress require that the Government Printing Office consult with the United States federal publishing agencies, the National Libraries, and professional library and archiving groups in the development of these standards and procedures;  
 4. urges Congress provide the Government Printing Office sufficient funding to handle the archiving of web content, to perform its duties on an ongoing basis and additional funding as necessary to fully assist agencies when they are forced to decommission a web site. 

Council passed resolution.

Pat Scales, Chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee, presented the Committee’s report.  She called attention to the redesign of the IF newsletter and the plans to transform it into a journal with peer-reviewed articles.  She also presented a resolution.

Resolution Supporting Librarians Sued for Doing Their Professional Duty
Resolved, that the American Library Association
Most strongly urges publishers to refrain from actions such as filing libel suits when in disagreement with librarians who have publicly shared their professional opinions and instead to rely upon the free exchange of views in the marketplace of ideas to defend their interests as publishers.

Council passed the resolution.

Council next considered the Resolution to Decrease Printing for Council Meetings.  
Resolved, that the American Library Association, on behalf of its members:
1)    Requests that the ALA Executive Director develop and implement an opt-in program for Councilors to elect to receive electronic-only Council documents and reduce the number of regularly printed copies of documents.

Keith Michael Fiels reported final total attendance was 26,362.


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