ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session – Sat., January 26, 2013

ALA President’s Report – Maureen Sullivan

Maureen began her report by informing the audience that the content of the information session will feature more reports so that more time at the Council sessions can be devoted to discussion by Council members of issues and strategies.

Maureen provided brief updates on her presidential initiatives: The Promise of Libraries Transforming Communities; Leadership in the Digital Age; Rethinking ALA; and ALA and International Librarianship.

ALA President-Elect’s Report – Barbara Stripling

Barbara presented brief updates on her presidential projects and initiatives.  She highlighted efforts made on behalf of school libraries in Washington, D.C.  She also commented on her presidential initiative, Libraries Change Lives, which will feature three areas of emphasis: literacy, innovation, and community engagement.

Executive Director’s Report – Keith Michael Fiels

Keith highlighted the coming ALA Leadership Institute, a four-day immersive leadership development program for future library leaders.  The inaugural institute will take place in Chicago in August 2013.  Keith also highlighted opportunities at Midwinter  to learn about community engagement

Budget Analysis and Review Committee Report – Clara Bohrer, Chair

Clara reported that ALA management is delaying the proposed 1% adjustment to base salary for staff until March 2013 after reviewing six-month financial results and will enact a similar delay to October 2013 for the 1% year-end compensation adjustment based on year-end results. She also reported that at the 2012 Annual Conference, BARC provided general input on two suggested personal dues adjustment strategies.  Additionally, BARC studied and discussed the proposed financial model for using an external index (CPI) and recommended to the Executive Board approval of the dues adjustment proposal.  finally, BARC discussed changes to the initial proposal and concurred with Executive Board action to approve.

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Neal

Jim stated that ALA is a $50 million organization.  He reported that revenue in 2012 increased in publishing,  meetings/conferences, and grants/awards for a 6.6% increase in ALA total revenues.  Total assets stand at just over $76 million and total liabilities stand at $45.5 million.  ALA has demonstrated steady improvement in total net asset balance over the last four to five years. ALA showed an increase of 4.6% in general fund revenues in 2012 over 2011.  But, the summary of general fund revenues and expenses showed a loss of $1.3 million.

Divisions had a very positive year with an increase in revenues of 12.1% and a decline of nearly 5% in expenses.

Jim also reported on the rethinking of ALA’s annual conference and midwinter meeting in terms of financial issues for the association.  Net revenue from annual conference has declined over the last two years, but net revenue has improved for the midwinter meeting.

Jim commented that ALA is a global institution with a growing positive reputation and well-known brand around the world.  Online education efforts will continue to provide opportunities for increasing ALA’s global reach.  Plans for an online education strategy include: plans for a national online training program; reaching out to international members; and developing pilot CE training relationships and partnerships with international association, societies and libraries.

Endowment Trustees Report – John Vitali, Senior Trustee

John reviewed a number of factors that affected the portfolio since the first quarter: continued European sovereign/bank debt issues; recessionary-induced austerity in Europe; year-end U.S. fiscal/debt issues; and slowing growth in the Pacific Rim.

He reported that the value of the endowment for the calendar year ending Dec. 31, 2012 was $32.6 million.

Nominating Committee Report – Nancy Davenport, Chair

Nancy reported that the committee observed through the nominating process that perceptions of Council hampered the committee’s ability to find people willing to stand for election to Council.  Additionally, past practice of one Nominating Committee resulted in many more candidates standing for election than could be elected, which also affects the ability to find individuals willing to stand for election.  (Those not elected are willing to be nominated again.) The Nominating Committee is charged to seek candidates for the number of seats being vacated plus half.

Nancy also introduced the candidates for ALA President-elect (Barbara Immroth, Courtney Young) and for ALA Treasurer (Clara Bohrer, Mario Gonzalez).


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