ALA Council I – Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013

Barbara Stripling, Chair of the 2012-2013 Committee on Committees (and ALA President-Elect), presented the 2013 nominations for election to the ALA Executive Board.  Two councilors are to be elected for three-year terms from the following candidates: Daniel Berdaner, Forest Hill Public Library, Texas; Peter Hepburn, College of the Canyons Library, California; Sara Kelly Johns, Lake Placid School Librarian, New York; and Jim Neal, Columbia University Librarian, New York.

Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director, reviewed Executive Board actions since the 2012 Annual Meeting.  Major actions included approval of a special trial membership through United for Libraries and approval of the programmatic priorities.  Additionally, Executive Board approved forwarding the membership dues proposal to Council.  He also reviewed the implementation report on ALA Council actions taken at the 2012 Annual Conference.  He highlighted the resolution on school libraries and informed Council of plans for a national campaign to bring attention to the important role that school libraries play.  He also highlighted the resolution addressing library service to the homeless.

Sari Feldman and Robert Wolven, Co-Chairs of the Digital Content and Libraries Working Group, presented a brief report on recent work of the group and on future directions.  The Business Models subgroup was active in identifying models currently being used by publishers for offering e-books to libraries.  The subgroup also developed a scorecard, which is a tool to use in evaluating models that different publishers use.  Next will be a survey of public libraries asking them to weigh different factors used to make purchasing decisions.  The Communications and Outreach subgroup has developed a media communications toolkit to use for explaining e-book issues to the public and to the media.  In the future the Working Group will take a broader view of digital publishing beyond the big six publishers and also will focus on e-content availability for school libraries.  Collaborations will continue with Readers First and the Pew Internet studies.

Irene Briggs, Chair of the ALA Resolutions Committee, presented a report that featured recommendations to revise the guidelines for preparation of Council and Membership resolutions.  The recommendations were approved.

Maureen Sullivan introduced a video featuring the head of the FCC, in which he thanked the ALA and America’s libraries for the role played in digital literacy and in bridging the digital divide.  This video will be made available for public viewing.

Maureen Sullivan led Council through a small group discussion session on rethinking ALA.  The questions that the small groups discussed were:  What are your aspirations for the future of ALA? and What are the most important results you want to see?

Council next considered the following resolution:

Resolved, that the following statement, adopted by the AASL Board on January 26, 2013, be endorsed by the ALA Council that the Policy Monitoring Committee will Change Policy B.9.2.2 School Library Media Specialists (formerly ALA Policy #54.2.2) from this text:
The master’s degree in library and information studies from a program accredited by the American Library Association or a master’s degree with a specialty in school library media from an educational unit accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education is the appropriate first professional degree for school library media specialists.

Council approved the resolution.

Keith Michael Fiels announced that total registration currently stands at 10,363.


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