ALA Council II – Monday, June 25, 2012

Jim Neal, ALA Treasurer, presented the report he presented at the earlier Council/Membership Information Session.  He shared a snapshot of the  ALA budget as of the end of April and recognized the extraordinary job that the divisions are doing in managing their budgets.  He requested approval of the ALA FY2013 Budgetary Ceiling of $65,026,831. Council approved the FY2013 Budgetary Ceiling.

John A. Moorman, Chair of the Presidential Policy Manual Revision Task Force, presented the final report on the task force’s work.  This Task Force was charged with carrying out a thorough examination of the Policy Manual. No policies were changed but instead, the manual’s sections were reorganized. Material in some sections was moved to other areas to enhance the continuity and readability of the manual. Council adopted the reorganized ALA Policy Manual.

Sha Li Zhang, Chair of the International Relations Committee, presented the report of the committee.  She announced that 430 international librarians/visitors from 83 countries are attending the 2012 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim.  She also reported on international programs at the conference, UNESCO issues, and international outreach efforts conducted by ALA.

Council next considered the following resolution:

Resolution on School Libraries and Librarians Are Critical to Educational Success
Resolved that the American Library Association (ALA):
1. directs the ALA Presidential Task Force to lead the Association in its continued mission to address the urgent need for advocacy for school libraries, school librarians, and the impact of the de-professionalization and curtailment of school library instructional programs on students and student achievement, continuing to engage librarians of all types from across the association to advocate for school libraries, which are imperative to the survival and success of all libraries;
2. encourages state associations and affiliates to influence legislation requiring adequate funding and appropriate staffing of school libraries in schools at all levels;
3. places a high priority on seeing that upcoming ESEA legislation recognizes and specifically supports the necessity for effective school library programs and credentialed school librarians;
4. works to encourage federal lobbying efforts to include school libraries in legislation and regulations, including areas such as digital literacy and broadband; and,
5. actively seeks partnerships with national organizations to reach mutual goals of sustaining school libraries.

Council approved the resolution.

Council next engaged in a discussion of changes being planned for the 2013 annual conference in Chicago.  Among the changes being planned are: capping session length at 90 minutes; scheduling all programs for the convention center; setting aside program slots for late-breaking content; requiring descriptors or subject headings for events; and developing a more robust conference platform.

Keith Michael Fiels announced the most current registration figures:  11,850 attendees and 5,381 vendors, for a total of 16,231.


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