ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session – Sat., June 23, 2012

Freedom to Read Foundation Report – Kenton Oliver, President

Kent reported on the activities of the Foundation since the Midwinter 2012 meeting, including updates on several different lawsuits and court cases.

He highlighted PFLAG, Inc. v. CamdentonR-III School District, a lawsuit that sought to uphold the First Amendment Right of minors’ to access information that is constitutionally protected for youth. This lawsuit ended with a victory that upholds the minors’ rights.  He also mentioned Bradburn et al. v. North Central Regional Library District and Hunter v. City of Salem and the Board of Trustees, Salem Public Library.

ALA President’s Report – Molly Raphael

Molly provided brief updates on the work being done by groups that she established to accomplish work on her presidential initiatives: Digital Content and Libraries Working Group; Presidential Task Force on School Libraries; Empowering Voices, Transforming Communities (her advocacy initiative); and Empowering Diverse Voices (her diversity and leadership development initiative).

ALA President-Elect’s Report – Maureen Sullivan

Maureen provided brief updates on her presidential initiatives: The Promise of Libraries Transforming Communities; Leadership in the Digital Age; Rethinking ALA; and ALA and International Librarianship.

Executive Director’s Report – Keith Michael Fiels

Keith reported that since 1997, ALA has awarded more than 800 Spectrum Scholarships, which are offered in order to develop more minority representation in the profession.  He also highlighted the first ALA Virtual Membership Meeting, held on June 6.  Approximately 500 participated.

Endowment Trustees Report – Dan Bradbury, Senior Trustee

Dan listed three developments that upset high expectations for performance thus far in 2012: Japan’s tsunami and nuclear disasters; Arab Spring uprisings; and the increasing severity of the European debt crisis.  He reported that the value of the endowment as of May 31, 2012 is $31.1 million.

Budget Analysis and Review Committee Report – Clara Bohrer, Chair

Clara provided updates on the following: FY 2012 budget; summer projections and budget adjustments; status of membership retention proposals; fiscal 2013 budget development; budget monitoring/contingency plans; and the ALA Financial Learning Series.

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Neal

Jim presented information on key strategic issues affecting ALA and its financial future, trends in ALA’s income and expense areas, opportunities for new business development, and an overview of the budget plan for FY13.

Strategic issues for the ALA FY13 are: continuing economic challenges; nonsupportive political environments; virtual professional participation; globalization of information issues; massive changes in the publishing industry; and limited growth in the MLS workforce.  Financial issues for the ALA FY13 budget are: declining or flat primary revenue sources; the need to diversity and enhance revenue sources; the need to invest in technology and systems; the need for continued focus on efficiencies and productivity; placing the highest priority on member value and engagement; and keeping resources focused on strategic priorities.


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