ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session – Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012

ALA President’s Report – Molly Raphael

In addition to her presidential initiatives in advocacy and diversity, Molly has focused on the following issues:

  • successful completion of the Neal-Schuman acquisition;
  • ensuring libraries’ access to digital content, particularly e-books;
  • focusing attention on the importance of professionally staffed school libraries; and
  • library funding issues, particularly for public and school libraries.

ALA President-Elect’s Report – Maureen Sullivan

Activities that have kept Maureen busy since her election have included:

  • orientations with ALA staff;
  • the committee appointment process (working with the Committee on Committees and the Committee on Appointments); and
  • her presidential initiatives of:
    • The Promise of libraries in Transforming Communities
    • Leadership Development
    • Rethinking ALA: Ensuring that ALA Is the Most Effective Organization It Can Be.

ALA Executive Director’s Report – Keith Michael Fiels

Keith reported briefly on several issues and introduced new staff at ALA: Laurie Borman, Editor & Publisher of American Libraries and Ron Jankowski, Membership Development Director.

Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) Report – Clara Bohrer, Chair

BARC has been very hard at work, analyzing 100 recommendations from five different task forces, including Young Professionals Task Force, Chapter Relations Task Force, Future Perfect Presidential Task Force, Task Force on Equitable Access to Electronic Content, and Presidential Task Force for the Effectiveness of ALA’s Council.  Each individual recommendation is in various stages of review and pending the availability of additional financial resources, implementation will proceed only on those with no financial impact. 

The Finance Workshop, an educational opportunity for those members interested in how ALA’s finances work, has presented several issues in recent years. 

  • schedule conflicts make attendance difficult for members
  • the material covered from year to year is generally the same
  • the workshop usually is given four months into the fiscal year
  • participants have extremely varied knowledge bases

To address these issues, BARC and ALA staff have developed four webcasts covering basic financial topics: operating agreement, long-term investments, budget cycle/process, organizational structure. Webcasts on more topics will be developed.  Members will be able to access and review these at any time at

ALA Endowment Trustees Report – Dan Bradbury, Chair

The investing environment in 2011 was extremely volatile.  The value of the endowment at 12-31-11 was $30.1 million. This represents a decline of $722,587 (1.6%) from $31.7 million last year. The endowment trustees will be recommending to the ALA Executive Board the establishment of a new International Relations Round Table endowment. It will provide necessary funds to support IRRT activities and initiatives that encourage international collaboration, raise the visibility of international opportunities,and promote a global dialogue about librarianship.

2012 ALA Nominating Committee Report – Vivian Wynn, Chair

Vivian Wynn presented the candidates for ALA President-Elect: Gina J. Millsap, Executive Director of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library and Barbara K. Stripling, Professor of Practice, Syracuse University.  She also presented the list of 2012 ALA Candidates for Councilor-at-Large.  Keith Michael Fiels presented additional candidates by petition for Councilor-at-Large.


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