ALA Council II – Monday, June 27, 2011

Pam Klipsch, Missouri Chapter Councilor, thanked ALA for the support given to the librarians in Joplin, MO who were recently so affected by a tornado.

John A. Moorman, Chair of the Policy Monitoring Committee, presented the committee’s report.  The committee recommended the insertion of Policy 1.3.1 and the revision of Policies 1.4 and 1.5 into the ALA Policy Manual.  Council approved the recommendation.  The committee also recommended changing some of the text in the ALA Policy Manual in Policy 54.20. Council also approved this recommendation.

Tom Wilding, Chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, presented the Committee’s report.  He shared the following resolution:

Resolved, that ALA Bylaws, Article III, Section 5 be replaced in its entirety by the following:
Article III, Section 5
a. For each office the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected and shall be so reported to the Association by the Committee on Election.  In the case of a tie vote the successful candidate shall e determined by lot conducted by the Committee on Election.
b. In the event that a candidate for election as a Councilor-at-large withdraws from or is unable to continue his or her candidacy in the period between the distribution of ballots and the reporting of election results, the votes for that candidate shall be ignored.

Council approved the recommendation.  Tom next presented a recommendation to include an allowance for votes at virtual membership meetings since the move to such meetings has already begun.  The committee recommended the addition of a sentence to an existing section of the Bylaws covering membership meetings.  “Membership meetings may be held virtually, and the Executive Board shall establish the procedures for such meetings.” Council approved the recommendation.

Jim Rettig, Chair of the Committee on Organization, presented the Committee’s report.  The Committee recommended to Council a revision of the ALA-Children’s Book Council Joint Committee.  The recommended revision reads: To foster communication and collaborate on mutual opportunities, concerns, and issues regarding the content, format, distribution, and promotion of materials for children and young adults, including, but not limited to, the creation and dissemination of appropriate resources, as they relate to both the library and publishing communities.  Council approved the recommendation.

The committee also recommended approval of a new Games and Gaming Round Table. Council approved the recommendation.

Finally, the committee recommended that Council directs the ALA executive director and BARC to implement a number of steps aimed at collecting data that will help determine how the organization holds meetings in the future.  Some of the steps are modifying the volunteer interest form, experimenting with a hybrid meeting process, and assessing the results of the pilot study.  Council approved the recommendation.

Jim Rettig, Chair of the Presidential Task Force for Improving the Effectiveness of ALA’s Council, presented the task force’s report.  The task force identified that Council is an asset to the Association in its broad representation of the ALA’s members but also identified a number of changes that could be implemented to improve Council’s effectiveness.  Council voted to postpone discussion until Council III.

Kent Oliver, Chair of the Freedom to Read Foundation, presented the FTRF report.  He announced a very recent Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association.  In a 7 to 2 decision, the Court struck down the restriction of a California statue in regards to depictions or descriptions of violence.

Michael Porter, Co-Chair of the ALA Presidential Task Force on Equitable Access to Electronic Content Task Force, presented the task force’s report. The task force’s recommendations are: 1. Refer the report to BARC, the Executive Board and Executive Director to develop a plan to implement report recommendations; 2. Request the President and the Board to establish an ongoing group to address current and future issues of Equitable Access to Digital Content ona coordinated, association-wide basis. Council engaged in a lengthy discussion about next steps, with numerous pleas from councilors for ALA to address these issues as quickly as possible.  A motion to amend #1 was approved, with the new reading: Refer the report to BARC for review for fiscal implications, and to the Executive Board to develop a plan to implement report recommendations.  The results of BARC’s and the Executive Board’s work will be shared with Council by August 1, 2011. The amendment passed and subsequently Council approved the recommendations.

Therese Bigelow, Chair of the Orientation, Training and Leadership Development Committee, presented a resolution on revised guidelines for the ALA Intern Program: Resolved that the American Library Association (ALA) adopt the revised ALA Intern Program  Guidelines proposed by the Training, Orientation and Leadership Development Committee.  The guidelines are designed to clarify the role of the intern on the committee and the process by which an intern is appointed; and suggest responsibilities for intern appointments, such as duties on the committee, voting status, etc.  Council approved two amendments to the guidelines regarding who can be appointed as an intern and how many interns may be appointed to committees.  Council approved the recommendation as amended.

Keith Michael Fiels announced the most current registration figures:  14,858 attendees and 5,202 vendors, for a total of 20, 060.


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