ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session

Mario Gonzalez, Chair of the Budget Analysis and Review Committee, presented the Committee’s report.  He highlighted the following:

Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Update (8 month period ending 4/30/11)
Total ALA Revenues = $27,300,659 (all combined funds)
Total ALA Expenses = $29,729,574 (all combined funds)
General Fund Revenues = $14,744,758
General Fund Expenses = 17,591,730

Dan Bradbury, Senior Trustee of the ALA Endowment, reported on ALA’s long-term investment fund.  After an explanation of many of the issues affecting the market, he was pleased to report that, as of May 31, 2011, the endowment fund stood at $33,472,00, which reflects a gain of 5.7% for the year to date. 

Roberta Stevens, ALA President, reviewed the past year.  She commented on a significant paradigm shift that has been occurring not only in librarianship but also in publishing. She expressed her belief that this is a critical time for strong advocacy programs, and highlighted the success of her presidential initiative, “Our Authors, Our Advocates.”  She also commented on “Cultivating Your Local Notables,” the “Library Quotes” database, the “Frontline Fundraising” online toolkit, and the “Why I Need My Library” contest.

She also reported on the work of the various task forces she appointed during her term: Council Effectiveness Task Force, Chapter Relations Task Force, Future Perfect: Envisioning ALA’s Governance in the 21st Century Task Force, and Equitable Access to Electronic Contest Task Force.

Molly Raphael, ALA President-Elect, presented her report.  She mentioned her two presidential initiatives in the areas of advocacy and diversity and visits she has been making to library schools around the country.

Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director, presented his report.  He announced a new promotional piece, “Connect with your kids @ you library,” that will be airing on the Lifetime Networks that encourages parents to take their children to the library.  Additionally, Scholastic Parent & Child magazine is donating full-color ads in six issues.  He also highlighted the ALA’s first Virtual Town Hall meeting, which had over 500 log-ins.


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