ALA-APA Council Meeting – June 26, 2011

Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director of the ALA-APA, commented on the fine work accomplished by Jennifer Grady, the departing ALA-APA Director. 

Jim Neal, Treasurer of ALA-APA, presented the treasurer’s report.  He is projecting a net revenue of $39,963 for FY11 and explained that the outstanding loan from ALA will continue to be repaid.  He also reported a projected net revenue of $64,942 for FY12.  He asked for approval of the ALA-APA Fiscal Year 2012 Budgetary Ceiling of $271,988.  The request was approved.

The Certified Public Library Administrator program update highlighted the following: since the Midwinter conference in January 2011, 13 candidates were accepted into the program, 7 candidates submitted final reviews and graduated, and 52 course completion forms were submitted.

The Library Support Staff Certification program report highlighted that the program currently has 144 active candidates from 34 states and Bermuda.

The ALA-APA Standing Committee on the Salaries and Status of Library Workers report highlighted successes of 2010-2011, which included more than 900 friends on Facebook for National Library Workers Day.


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