2011 Midwinter — ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session

Mario Gonzalez, Chair of the Budget Analysis and Review Committee, presented his report at the Information Session.  Total ALA revenue of $8,653,554 is $377,004 less than budget.  The General Fund revenue of $4,797,176 is $149,500 less than budget due primarily to lower organization dues revenue.  Total ALA expenses of $10,278,309 are 6%, $700,385 less than budget.  The General Fund expenses of $6,425,604 are $120,594, 2% more than budget.

BARC recommends to the Executive Board approval of the final FY 2011 budget.

Dan Bradbury, Chair of the Endowment Trustees, presented a brief overview of the performance of the Endowment over 2010.  Although a detailed analysis for the 12 months of 2010 is not yet available, the Endowment Trustees are happy to report that the value of the endowment at 12-31-10 was $31,668,000.  This is a gain of approximately $3.0 million (10.4%) compared to the previous year.  The estimated gross return for the ALA portfolio was 12.2% for 2010.

Roberta Stevens, President of ALA, provided a brief overview of her report.  She highlighted her presidential initiatives.  She first commented on Our Authors, Our Advocates, her effort to enlist well-know and beloved authors to speak out for libraries through video and audio PSAs and quotes.  Authors who have participated to date include Laurie Halse Anderson, David Baldacci, Carmen Agra Deedy, Sharon Draper, Sara Paretsky, Scott Turow, and Mo Willems.  More have been contacted and are expected to confirm their participation.  Visit www.ilovelibraries.org/ourauthorsouradvocates for more information.  She next reviewed Frontline Fundraising.  An online toolkit will be launched in February and will provide information on developing a fundraising plan and online giving; establishing a planned giving program and conducting an annual fund drive.  Finally she reviewed the “Why I Need My Library” Contest for teens, which will be soft-launched in January. 

Molly Raphael, ALA President-Elect, presented a brief report on her activities to date.  She highlighted her Presidential Initiatives regarding advocacy and diversity. 

Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director of ALA, reviewed a number of items.  For the first time since the recession hit, there has been a slight dip in membership, with a decline of about 2%.  Membership currently stands at about 61,500.  Organizational memberships are declining, primarily in the area of smaller public libraries.  ALA is exploring developing benefits for organizational membership in order to boost those numbers.  The Connect with Your Kids campaign is now benefiting from formal partnership with Lifetime Television and with a number of parenting magazines.  The Carnegie Foundation is very interested in continuing the I Love My Librarian award.  He reported on a grant awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to fund Discovering Librarianship: The Future is Overdue, a project that will support the training of 35 early career librarians to serve as recruiters in national, regional and local career recruitment and education events.  He also referred to a white paper on the future of Midwinter, which “examines current practices and emerging patterns, and suggests a vision for the future.  It is intended to serve as a basis for discussion and suggest some directions for exploration and development.”


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