2011 ALA Midwinter — ALA Council I

Robert R. Newlen, Chair of the 2010 ALA Nominating Committee, present the committee’s report.  He shared that the committee members made many contacts with members to gain suggestions, and then made many phone calls to potential candidates.  He commented that one area of disappointment in recruiting  was in the area of school and youth librarians, indicating that it is difficult for them to have the time to attend ALA meetings.  He also introduced the two candidates for ALA President -Elect:  Maureen Sullivan and Susan Stroyan.  Electronic balloting will begin on March 16, 2011 and polls will close on April 22, 2011.  Results will be announced on April 29, 2011.

Molly Raphael, ALA President-Elect and Chair, Committee on Committees, presented the nominations for the Council Executive Board:  Dora T. Ho, Tom Wilding, Loida Garcia-Febo, Michael Porter, Karen E. Downing, and Jose Aponte.  Nominations from the floor followed:  Sylvia Norton and Gina Persichini.

Loida Garcia-Febo, Chair of the Committee on Membership Meetings, presented her report on plans for the annual membership meetings at the 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans.  She also reviewed reasons for lack of attendance at these meetings.  The committee has been investigating a pilot virtual membership meeting in New Orleans.  The committee has crafted a survey that will be posted shortly after Midwinter.

Em Clair Knowles, Co-Chair of the Dinners for Spectrum Scholars Coordinating Committee, reported on the campaign to raise $1 million  for the Spectrum Scholarship Program.  More than $568,000 has been raised to date.  Fourteen dinners have raised more than $12,000.  She encouraged all members of ALA Council to support this initiative with a donation.  While 75 scholarships were funded last year, 100 were not due to lack of funds. 

Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director, highlighted Executive Board actions since the 2010 Annual Conference.  Among the actions were the approval of the continuation of the Young Librarians Task Force, to approve a new membership category called Community Groups Members for Friends groups.

Keith also reported on the implementation of the 2010 Annual Conference Council actions.  The new Retired Members Round Table has been established and has already met.  Additionally, the strategic plan is being implemented.

ALA Councilor Carrie Gardner presented the Resolution on Notifying Conference and Meeting Attendees of Hotels Named on “Do Not Patronize” List.

Resolved that the American Library Association directs the Executive Director , to the extent known at the initial announcement of conference registration and prior to the conference taking place, will inform attendees of conferences and exhibitions if a hotel is on the “DO Not Patronize” list of the local labor body during an  ALA event, or is the object of a boycott because of the unfair labor practices of the hotel.

Keith Michael Fiels commented on the potential financial ramifications for ALA.  After much discussion, Council approved a motion to postpone a vote on this resolution until Council II.

ALA Councilor Peter Hepburn presented the Resolution on Clarification within Job Listings as to the Presence or Absence of Domestic Partner Benefits.

Resolved that the American Library Association
1. Requires that potential employers specify explicitly in their job announcements in ALA publications or website whether or not they provide domestic partner benefits by means of appending one of the following two phrases: “Domestic-partner benefits are not offered by this institution” or “Domestic-partner benefits are offered by this institution.”
2. Urges other publishers and providers to encourage potential employers to specify explicitly in their job announcements whether or not they provide domestic partner benefits by means of appending one of the following two phrases: “Domestic-partner benefits are not offered by this institution” or “Domestic-partner benefits are offered by this institution.”

After much discussion, a motion was made to replace the word requires with the word encourages in item 1 and the word require with the word encourage in item 2.  The motion to amend passed.  Then Council approved the amended resolution.

Council II adjourned.


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