ALA Council III – Jan. 19, 2010

Memorials, Tributes and Testimonials

Council received memorial resolutions for:

John Clifford Mortimer
Mary Alice Hunt
J. Michael Rothacker
Ken Davenport
Sallie Farrell
Eliza Atkins Gleason
Effie Lee Morris
James “Jim” Raymond Przepasniak
Walter Reandeau
Judith Serebnick
John Charles Fox

Council received tribute resolutions for Jeanne Sugg and Sonia Sotomayer.

Report of the Tellers – John Desantis, Chair

John reported that Kevin Reynolds and J. Linda Williams were elected to the ALA Executive Board to serve a term from 2010 to 2013.

Report of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee – Tom Wilding, Chair

The committee was asked to review the documents accompanying an application for affiliate status from the Association of Jewish Libraries, Inc.  Organizations must meet several criteria in order to become affiliates.  The criteria include:

  • Be not for profit
  • Have interests consistent with those of ALA
  • Have sufficiently large membership and lengthof existence to ensure continued support under constitutions and bylaws not in conflict with ALA and its policies
  • Do not discriminate in membership on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, disabilities or national origin

The AJL meets the first three of the criteria but “sexual orientation” is missing from its non-discrimination policy statement.  The Constitution & Bylaws Committee moved that the ALA Council approve affiliate status for the Association of Jewish Libraries, Inc. contingent upon the receipt by the Executive Board of an affirmation by the Association of Jewish Libraries, Inc. that sexual orientation is explicitly incuded in its non-discrimination policy.  Council approved this motion.

Report of the Intellectual Freedom Committee – Martin L. Garner, Chair

The manuscript for th Intellectual Freedom Manual has been sent to ALA Editions.  The book will be released during the 2010 Annual Conference.  The IFC is beginning review of the Prisoners’ Right to Read statement recently posted to ALA Connect.  Banned Books Week 2010 will begin Sept. 25 and continue through Oct. 2. 

Resolution in Honor of the LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund’s Fortieth Anniversary

Resolved, that the American Library Association congratulates the LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund on its Fortieth anniversary, commends the Merritt Fund for its continued dedication to supporting Librarians who are experiencing discrimination or fighting for the cause of intellectual freedom, and urges its members to financially support the Merritt Fund. 

Council approved this resolution.

Report of the Committee on Legislation – Mario Ascencio, Chair

Library Advocacy Day will be held on June 29, 2010 at the ALA Annual Conference.  Library advocates will meet at Upper Senate Park on the U.S. Capitol Grounds from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  After the rally, participants will meet with their members of Congress and their staffs in their Hill offices.

Two additional “Notices of Funds Available” (NOFA) were published by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Commerce regarding the Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP) and the Broadband Telecommunications Opportunity Program (BTOP).  More information is available through the ALA Washington Office, which will hold a webinar on Friday, January 22.

ALA is asking for $650 million in the Senate “Jobs Bill” or the “Jobs for Main Street Act” to help libraries become centers that can help people search job listings, create resumes and apply for jobs.

The LEARN ACT has been introduced in the U.S. Senate and House.  It authorizes $2.35 million for comprehensive literacy programs, providing funds for both existing and new high-quality state and local school-based literacy programs that span birth to grade 12.  ALA is working to ensure that school and public libraries receive some of this money.

Resolution on Transparency and Openess

Resolved that the ALA:

  1. Commends the President of the United States and the Office of Management and Budget for improving the federal government policies and capabilities for making government information available to the American puclic in an open, timely, participatory and transparent manner
  2. Calls upon the Obama Administration to support federal agencies providing services already in place that assist the public in their access and use of government inforamtion, including federal agency libraries, the Goverment Printing Office, the National Technical Information Service, and the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services.

Council approved the resolution.

Resolution to Support Digital Information Initiatives at the U.S. Government Printing Office

Resolved, that the ALA

  1. Works to ensure that the government fulfills its obligations to create, authenticate, collect, disseminate, and preserve government information.
  2. Thanks GPO for the work that has been done in FDSys development and urges that GPO demonstrate its capacity to ingest both access and preservation copies of digitally born and digitized historic collectionsinto FDSys.
  3. Urges GPO to establish partnerships to conduct demonstration projects for systematic gathering and accessing digitally born content.
  4. Urges GPO to establish partnerships to conduct demonstration projects for creating and accessing digitied historic collections.
  5. Urges Congress to reaffirm no-fee public access to, dissemination of, and preservation of authentic government information by providing sufficient and sustained funding to the GPO to support Cataloging and Indexing, and the Federal Depository Library Porgram for systematic gathering of digitally born and digitized historic collections.
  6. Urges Congress to provide sufficiaent and sustained funding to the GPO to support FDSys.

Council approved the resolution.

Resolution on Universal Access to Broadband

Resolved that the ALA

  1. Urges federal, state and local governments to recognize that universal access to broadband is essential to support the basic right of unfettered access to information in order for the public to participate in the digital world and the global information economy; and
  2. Asks that federal, state and local governments, as well as the public supports libraries as essential providers of broadband access for communities across America.

Council approved the resolution.

International Relations Committee – Beverly Lynch, Chair

Beverly reported that 80 international colleagues from 15 countries were able to participate, share ideas and network with their U.S. colleagues at Midwinter.  Currently ALA has more than 1,800 members in 110 countries.  The conference of the International Federation of Library Association and Institutions will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden in August 2010.  The 2011 conference will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Participants in the Midwinter Conference along with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority raised more than $27,000 for humanitarian relief at the conference.

Resolution on Rebuilding Libraries and Archives Damaged or Destroyed by teh Earthquake in Haiti


  1. That ALA express its deepest sympathy to the National Library and Archives and the library community in Haiti.
  2. That ALA work in coordination with other U.S. Associations, IFLA and its members, and UNESCO on the international response to this disaster.
  3. That ALA publicize and provide information to the international library community and the public on the importance of rebuilding damaged libraries and their collections.
  4. That ALA publicize and provide information on how and where the library community and the public can contribute to these rebuilding efforts.
  5. That ALA urge the U.S. Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to provide funding for the reconstruction and rebuilding of libraries and other cultural institutions in Haiti.
  6. That ALA act as a conduit for the receipt of funds to assist in the rebuilding of libraries in Haiti.
  7. That ALA urge libraries to provide up-to-date information and social and communication services available in the communities for the Haitian diaspora and links to donation and other relief services.

Council approved this resolution.

Report from Committee on Organization – Jan Sanders, Chair

Jan moved adoption of the revised ALA Leadership Development (Intern) Guidelines and a related policy.  This change provides consistency to the appointment process and responsibilities of ALA and Council interns.  A motion followed to refer this issue back to the Training, Orientation and Leadership Development Committee (TOLD) and ask the chair of TOLD to report back to Council at Annual Conference.  The motion to refer passed.

Report from Google Book Settlement Taskforce – Jim Rettig, Chair

Jim reported that there will be a hearing in mid-February and that the taskforce will respond about this with press releases and a list of key issues.  The taskforce will also identify desired outcomes but isn’t able to do this until the Court releases its findings.

Report on Event Planner Plan of Action – Keith Michael Fiels

Keith presented an action plan for addressing the long-term issues surrounding the conference event planner (EP).  Steps in the action plan include:

  1. improving the EP will be an Association priority;
  2. ALA will conduct a survey to obtain feedback and specifics about EP problems;
  3. ALA will issue a report on major issues;
  4. the ALA librarian will work on the standardization of entries;
  5. the Annual Conference database will be reviewed for any needed editing;
  6. other issues surrounding the EP will be addressed as feasible;
  7. ALA will put a process in place for gathering ongoing feedback and for continuous improvement;
  8. ALA will communicate all steps taken and all progress;
  9. work on a new EP will continue; it will be in conjunctionwith ALA Connect;
  10. ALA will plan for a downloadable version compatible with handheld devices;
  11. Keith will report on this issue at the Spring 2010 Executive Board meeting.

Resolution in Support of 2010 Spectrum Presidential Initiative

Resolved , that the Council fully supports the 2010 Spectrum Presidential Initiative to raise $1 million and urges ALA units, affiliates, caucuses, and members to donate or pledge their finanical contributions to the campaign at the highest amount possible.  Council approved the resolution.

Final Announcements – Keith Michael Fiels

Keith reported a final figure of 11,095 people registered for the 2010 Midwinter Conference, which is higher than Midwinter registration in Denver.


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