ALA Council II – Jan. 18, 2010

Report from Policy Monitoring Committee – Janet Swan Hill

Council approved ten items related making changes to ALA policies.  These generally involved simply improving consistency of language and deleting references to outdated issues, such as the Equal Rights Amendment.

Report from the Freedom to Read Foundation – Kenton Oliver, President

Kent introduced the new Executive Director of FTRF, Barbara M. Jones.  She has a rich background in library administration, scholarship and intellectual freedom advocacy and brings twenty-five years of active engagement on intellectual freedom issues to her new position. 

Kent also highlighted the creation of a Judith F. Krug Fund.  Monies from that fund will be used for two projects.  The first will be commissioning the creation of a book and lesson plan for teachers to use in the classroom, focusing on the importance of the freedom to read.  The second project would launch a First Amendment lecture series that would incoprorate webinars and similar interactive online technologies to reach students at library and information schools around the U.S. 

The FTRF is focusing more on library school students and is offering free memberships to recent graduates.

Treasurer’s Report – Rod Hersberger

FY09 Financial Information

  • ALA Total Revenues – $54,219,467
  • ALA Total Expenses – $53,536,365
  • General Fund Revenues – $26,967,757
  • General Fund Expenses – $26,754,461
  • Total ALA Assets – $67,648,504
  • Total ALA Liabilities – $41,121,554

Rod highlighted the Campaign for America’s Libraries.  It’s broad objectives are:

  • Increase awareness, support for libraries by increasing visibility, and communicating why libraries are both unique and valuable
  • Update the image of libraries, librarians and library staff
  • Bring renewed energy to the promotion of libraries and librarians
  • Bring library messages to a more diverse audience

The campaign will:

  • Develop a branded campaign that represents and is useful to all tyhpes of libraries
  • Create tools, resources, materials that could be utilized by all types of libraries
  • Provide an opportunity to share public relations/marketing/advocacy best practices within the library community

Rod presented the programmatic priorities in line with the ALA Ahead to 2015 strategic plan and as a guide in the preparation of the FY2011 budget:

  • Diversity
  • Equitable Access to Information and Library Services
  • Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Advocacy for Libraries and the Profession
  • Literacy
  • Organizational Excellence

Council approved the programmatic priorities.

Resolution in Support of National Health Care – Tiffani Conner

Be it resolved that:

  1. the American Library Association (ALA) strongly urges the United States Congress to include a public option or “Medicare for All” provision in the current legislation; and
  2. the ALA Executive Director charges the ALA Washington Office to vigorously lobby Congress in support of this position.

Council defeated this resolution almost unanimously.  The healthcare legislation is already in conference committee in Washington.


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