ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session – Jan. 17, 2010

Jim Neal, Chair of the Budget Analysis and Review Committee, presented his report to Council.  BARC is a Council Committee and as such, reviews the proposed budget, as forwarded by the ALA Executive Board, in the context of the ALA strategic plan, annual priorities and budget assumptions.  BARC also reviews the financial performance of the Association and the budget impact of potential actions of ALA Council.  Additionally, BARC makes budget recommendations to the ALA Executive Board and to report to Council regarding budget analysis and process. 

Three Month Highlights (Sept, Oct, Nov 2009):

  • Total ALA Revenue – $11.1 million – more than budget by $665, 477
  • Total ALA Expenses – $11.4 million – less than budget by $1.2 million
  • Excess Expenses Over Revenues – ($387,311) – budge was for a loss of $1.2 million

Overall, money is being managed well at ALA, particularly in light of the economic issues the country is facing.

Dan Bradbury, Senior Trustee of the ALA Endowment, presented his report.  The complete report will be placed on the ALA Treasurer’s web page after the Midwinter Conference.  The Endowment Trustees are confident that the portfolio is well positioned to take advantage of the current financial environment and protect the corpus while adding some value.

Strategic Plan Review Session – Paul D. Meyer of Tecker Consultants facilitated a discussion of the draft strategic plan for 2015.  The draft is available at

 Three Keys to Sustaining Association Success:

  1. a reputation for value – a portfolio of good stuff
  2. an enjoyable culture – based on trust and high communication
  3. a nimble infrastructure – it allows associations to quickly seize opportunities to create value

All divisions, round tables, committees and other groups have also been invited to review and discuss the plan at Midwinter, and to give comments and suggestions by Feb. 15.  Comments will be incorporated into a revised draft, which will be distributed to the entire membership in the Spring, and members will be invited to comment.  Following the member review and additional revisions based on member comments, the plan will then go to the Executive Board in April, and then to Council for a final review and adoption in June 2010.


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