ALA Council I – Jan. 17, 2010

2010 ALA Nominating Committee Report – Nancy Allen, Chair

It continues to be more difficult to recruit school librarians to run for Council than it is to recruit from other areas of librarianship.  There is a good geographical balance to the Councilor at Large roster, with representatives from more than half of the states in the country.  The committee also was mindful of recruiting based on new voices/new leaders and on ethnic and racial diversity.  ALA Connect was an effective tool for the work of the committee.  The acceptance rate of approximately 25% is an estimate but is roughly the same rate as in recent years.

2010 ALA Candidates for President-Elect:

Sara Kelly Johns, Library Media Specialist, Lake Placid Middle/High School, Lake Placid, NY
Molly Raphael, Director of Libraries (retired), Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon

2010 ALA Candidates for Treasurer

Alan Kornblau, Library Director, Delray Beach Public Library, Florida
James Neal, VP for Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University, New York

There were no other petitions received for the offices of President-Elect and Treasurer.

Electronic balloting will begin on March 17 and will close on April 24.  Results will be announced on April 30.

Committee on Committees – Roberta Stevens, Chair

Candidates for ALA Executive Board

Kevin Reynolds
Annemarie Roscello
J. Linda Williams
Patricia A. Wand

Nomination from the floor:

Ling Hwey Jeng

President’s Report – Camila A. Alire, ALA President

Presidential Initiatives – The steering committee is finalizing toolkits for frontline advocacy for different types of libraries.  The advocacy for family literacy initiative is also well underway with the roll-out of projects designed by the five ALA ethnic affiliates to occur soon after Midwinter. 

Camila has established a special committee to review the Constitution and Bylaws.  Searching for inconsistency and obsolete language will be the committee’s focus and will work closely the existing regular Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

President-Elect’s Report – Roberta A. Stevens, ALA President-Elect

She reviewed factors taken into consideration when appointing people to committees.

Presidential Initiatives – 2 key areas: frontline fundraising and using popular authors as advocates for libraries.  A primary focus will be on developing a toolkit for all libraries to use in supplementing budgets with additional support, with a special focus on planned giving.  Our Authors, Our Libraries will focus on developing 10-12 authors annually and develop them as advocates for libraries, particularly at critical times.  A toolkit will also be developed for use on the local level in order to recruit local notables and develop them as spokespeople.  She also plans to develop a contest for young people to communicate why libraries are important to them and are needed now more than ever.

Executive Director’s Report – Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director


Membership has seen a slight decrease (approx. 2.7%) but this is due in some part to long-term problem with duplicate records in the membership management software.  The good news is there has been a brisk renewal rate in the fall of 2009.

The library staff certification program is about ready to roll out.  Support staff membership is the fastest growing single segment of ALA.

Chapter Capwiz sites have been instrumental in fighting proposed funding cuts in several states.

Review of Executive Board Actions Since 2009 Annual Conference – Keith Michael Fiels

A task force has been established to help ALA become more responsive to the needs of young members.

There also were a number of finance-related actions in order to meet the financial challenges of the last 6 months.

Additional funds were set aside for 2010 projects. 

Also approved was an increase to the APA loan.

Report on Implementation of the 2009 ALA Annual Conference Council Actions – Keith Michael Fiels

Audio proceedings of 2010 Midwinter Council sessions will be available on the web.

The Policy manual (also known as the Reference File) is available on the web and is searchable by key word.

Ethics education initiative is moving ahead.

Report on Spectrum Presidential Initiative: National Initiative for Inclusivity in America’s Libraries – Liz Bishoff and Betty Turock

This 12-month fundraising campaign to raise $1 million for the Spectrum Scholarship Program (to recruit minorities to the profession) would allow ALA to double the number of scholarships offered (50 to 100) and to introduce a new program for 2 doctoral fellowships.  A task force will be working closely with the ALA Development Office.  The task force will be seeking a half million dollars from foundations and corporations.  Betty Turock and her family have pledged the initial major lead gift of $100,000 to kick off the very important library portion of the campaign.  The library community must raise the first half million dollars.  All divisions, affiliates and units of ALA are being asked to contribute, with a goal of 100% participation.  Individuals can contribute by going to, clicking on “Give ALA,” and specifying the Spectrum Scholarship Initiative.  ALA members are encouraged to hold their own fundraising events to benefit the initiative, including dinners at home.  Liz Bishoff is holding a Superbowl party and asking attendees to contribute.

Resolution Declaring and Promoting 2010 as the Year of Cataloging Research – Diane Dates Casey

Be it resolved that the American Library Association acknowledges the importance of outstanding research in the area of cataloging and metadata and declares 2010 as the Year of Cataloging Research; and the American Library Association promotes 2010 as the Year of Cataloging Research throughout the association, among professors of library and information studies and to other library associations.  Initiating Unit:  Association of Library Collections and Technical Services.


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